Tuesday, 28 February 2012

rinko kawauchi..obviously

very predictable of me now to be looking at rinko kawauchi, i can't help it, they're so beautiful! useful research for photo's of around the home. also my lecturer wants me to perhaps look at photographing my family/relationships a little less literally....i'll give it a go i suppose.
beautiful beautiful images by queen rinko:

Saturday, 25 February 2012

collin lafleche

collin lafleche - right after.
this series has been everywhere recently. i absolutely love it. even though it doesn't relate much to my project i'm still putting it in my research file because theres something about it i can't quite forget.
here's how lafleche himself puts the series into words:

"In late 2006 I met a group of high school seniors on their way towards graduation and struggling with the transition from adolescence into adulthood. I photographed them for the year following as they finished high school, had a last summer together, and went off to college. The resulting images—of teenagers running through the streets, kissing on a front porch, watching fireworks over Manhattan—were candid moments of an anxious, uncertain and occasionally tumultuous time. Having recently grown out of adolescence myself, I took an interest in the banal and everyday aspects of their teenage experience, and in their quest for an identity as they struggled with the loss of adolescent abandon. It is found in amongst the awkward, arbitrary, and disjointed moments of social sparring, sexual exploration, conformity, vulnerability, and rebelliousness that shape and define coming of age. It is a monotony that is always apparent yet never directly addressed, showing itself only in the quiet, in-between moments, the moments that are not spectacular or funny or frightening, the moments when these teens are entirely alone with themselves."

amazing. here's some images for you.


Sunday, 19 February 2012

second set

went home this week for 2 short days and managed to shoot 2 films, and i think i've finally mastered the lightmeter! definitely always using as much natural light as possible from now on. heres my faves:

emma hardy

will start slowly posting some project research here. emma hardy is a photographer that was recommended to me by my lecturer and i think some of her family shots are pretty great and have inspired me a lot, check it:

must try and be more inventive with the photos of my fam, note to self: get them out of the house?

Thursday, 9 February 2012

a little bit personal

some photo's from my current as-of-yet untitled project on my family. shot on mamiya rz67. things to work on: using a lightmeter, straightening the tripod. welcome to my family home..

touch of pink

pink hair is EVERYWHERE right now. i'm becoming obsessed! it's only been a week or two since i bleached my tips to get RID of the pink and already i want it back again, maybe it's just because the colour pink seems to appeal to my soul deeply, if i don't watch out before i know it i'll be one of those hideous girls dressed head to toe in the stuff.
but just take a look at some of the pink haired babes i've encountered recently:

great look right? when i had pink hair myself i didn't pull it off with quite so much sassy sex appeal i must say, i only had pink tips, a couple of photo's you can see here:

not the best photo's but i can't seem to find a good one, which is making me think i need to dye it pink again just to document it properly?! bad thoughts, i don't want to look like a marshmallow. i guess i'll just keep girl-crushin on all the above babes.