Thursday, 9 February 2012

touch of pink

pink hair is EVERYWHERE right now. i'm becoming obsessed! it's only been a week or two since i bleached my tips to get RID of the pink and already i want it back again, maybe it's just because the colour pink seems to appeal to my soul deeply, if i don't watch out before i know it i'll be one of those hideous girls dressed head to toe in the stuff.
but just take a look at some of the pink haired babes i've encountered recently:

great look right? when i had pink hair myself i didn't pull it off with quite so much sassy sex appeal i must say, i only had pink tips, a couple of photo's you can see here:

not the best photo's but i can't seem to find a good one, which is making me think i need to dye it pink again just to document it properly?! bad thoughts, i don't want to look like a marshmallow. i guess i'll just keep girl-crushin on all the above babes.

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